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*All services will include a $0.50 per kilometre charge from our location.


Mount & Balance Tires (not on Rims)

from $119Includes: visual brake check, light check, front end inspection, and battery test.

Installation of Tires already on Rims

from $59Includes: visual brake check, light check, front end inspection, and battery test.

Tire Rotation

$59Includes: visual brake check, light check, front end inspection, and battery test.

Rotate tires from front to rear to promote even tread wear.



If there is a vibration in your steering wheel from 80km/h to 100km/h, your wheels may need to be rebalanced.

Tire Repair


If you have a flat tire caused by a foreign object (that is not in the sidewall of the tire) we can remove the foreign object and plug the hole.



If you have a slow leak that is not caused by a foreign object, you may need a reseal.

Maintenance Packages

Summer Service

Brake service*, tire rotation, battery test and service, check all fluids, test coolant, check lights, oil change optional

Brake Service

Automotive manufacturers recommend a brake service once a year to ensure even wear and longer brake life.


Brake inspection*, tire rotation, battery test, test coolant, check fluids, check lights, oil change optional

Call Out


Note: This is not a safety inspection but will give clients a good idea of what the vehicle will need to meet Ministry of Transportation requirements to pass a safety inspection.

If you are buying a used vehicle and would like to have it looked at by a mechanic before making any decisions, our pre-purchase package is what you need. This service includes: Assessment of body, visual brake inspection*, front end inspection, tire inspection, diagnostic scan and test drive.

General Diagnostics

Any noises, vibrations, dash lights or any other questions that require the insight of a licensed mechanic.

*Difference between visual brake check, brake inspection and brake service:
Visual Brake Check:Remove wheels, check pads/shoes
Brake Inspection: Remove wheels, remove calipers/drums, measure brake pads and check for seized brake components
Brake Service: Remove wheels, remove calipers/drums, measure pads/shoes, clean and lubricate all brake components.



All of our work is fully licensed and insured!

Front end and wheel bearings

Ask us about front end and wheel bearing repairs!


We can change all lights!


Need new wiper blades? Tell us when setting up your appointment!

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