The Ottawa Easy Wheels service truck is equipped with a tire installation machine, a tire balancer, a compressor, a 12 tonne press, a set of torches, and a vise.  This equipment allows us to provide on site tire installation, automotive repairs, as well as a variety of maintenance packages.

Commitment to keeping our jobsites safe and clean

We understand that working on a vehicle on your property could cause damage to your landscape if not properly addressed.  It is for this reason that our team uses a sheet of plywood both under the jacks and jackstands that support the weight of your vehicle. This prevents the equipment from leaving indentations on your property. For jobs that might get messy, we park the car on a large tarp that is swept and cleaned to avoid leaving anything behind.  The service truck is also equipped with safety glasses, wheel chocks to immobilize the vehicle, a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit.